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Custom Breast Form

Frequently Asked Questions

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Custom Breast Form

There are a variety of options for women after breast surgery. The choice to move forward on your journey with a custom breast prosthesis may be the best option for you.

A breast prosthesis rotating counter-clockwise
  • Do you struggle to find a breast form that’s right for you – one that fits your unique contours, is lightweight and comfortable?
  • Do you seek a beautiful, realistic alternative to surgical breast reconstruction?
  • Do you feel disappointed that you are not a candidate for surgical reconstruction?
  • Do you desire a prosthesis that closely matches your own skin tone? Or one that has a realistic nipple and areola?
  • Do you feel like your current breast form is too heavy or shifts and moves, leaving you with a sense of insecurity?
If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, then an ABC Custom Breast Prosthesis may be the right choice for you!

Benefits of choosing an ABC custom breast form/prosthesis using 3-d scanning

Quick, easy, 3-d scanning technology means no more messy plaster casting.

A woman sits in front of a computer displaying a 3D rendering of breasts

The lightweight silicone used makes this custom breast for one of the lightest on the market for comfort.

a breast prosthesis sits upright leaning against a pink carrying case

Patients are able to choose from a colorful selection of skin tones as well as nipple size and colors for a truly custom breast prosthesis.

An assortment of about a dozen color sample squares are laid out in an overlapping circle to display the various skin colors available. Three nipple prosthetics of various colors and sizes are also laid in front.

Avila Physical Therapy is proud to offer this service to our patients in Eastern North Carolina. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment with one of our certified fitters to determine if a custom prosthesis is right for you call us today.