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Many people do not realize that physical therapy is an important part of cancer treatment, especially as it relates to quality of life during and after treatment. Physical therapy can help patients with cancer overcome pain, weakness and fatigue, as well as other physical changes as a result of…   Read More

March was national Deep Vein Thrombosis Awareness Month. The public initiative is aimed at increasing understanding of this common medical condition and its complications.   Read More

As more patients with cancer are surviving and living longer lives, new challenges emerge that may be difficult to address.   Read More

Research shows that pelvic physical therapy can help with constipation in children   Read More

Rehabilitation prior to and after surgery helps significantly impact a patient’s quality of life and physical functioning in everyday life.    Read More

   Read More

Statistics show at least one in every four women reports having one or more pelvic floor disorders, defined as urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, and pelvic organ prolapse. But these are only the reported cases. We understand that talking about pelvic floor dysfunction can seem embarrassing…   Read More